The Last 10 days of Ramadhan

We are close to the end of Ramadhan. Subhanallah, how time flies. In teaching the children about the holy month of Ramadhan, almost all learning activities have been tailored to and integrated with Ramadhan theme. We read about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the sirah about the night when Al-Quran was sent down; we did our practical solat sunat Terawih; we also hafaz Surah Al-Qadr; and at the same time learned about figures related to Surah Al-Qadr.

Now, let’s do some counting here:

1. How many words are there in Surah Al-Qadr?
Answer: 30 words, which is equivalent to 30 juzu’ in the Quran.

2. How many letters are there in Surah Al-Qadr?

Answer: 114 letters, which is equivalent to 114 surahs in the Quran.

3. How many letters are there in the word

Answer: 9 letters.

4. How many times the word
is repeated in the surah?

Answer: 3 times. If we add up all the letters 9+9+9 is equals to 27.

The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Surah Al-Qadr, verse 3.

Let’s put our worldly affairs aside and really make the most of this month. Let’s seek Allah’s Forgiveness and His Mercy and InsyaAllah we will be far removed from the torment of the Hellfire.

Oh Allah! You are the Most Forgiving and Most Gracious. You love to forgive, so please forgive me. Amin.