Starting July 2015, all registration is to be made through our online registration system accessible at

However, all new parents are advised to make an appointment for a short briefing on the Curriculum and the Terms & Conditions before deciding to enroll their child.

Click here for centres’ addresses and contact details.

Register Now

1 Registration

New Parents need to register their email address and password to get access to the system.

Please prepare a scanned copy of the child’s Birth Certificate in JPEG or PDF format.

Please key-in all the required details and submit for Management approval. Do read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before submitting the application.

It is very important that you read and agree to the Terms and Conditions which highlighted the school’s Rules and Regulations, before committing to register your child with us. These include the school’s operation hours, monthly fees, overtime charges, etc.

2 Payment

Upon approval by the Management, Parents will receive a confirmation email and instruction to proceed with the payment.

Make full payment through bank transfer or cash deposit into our Maybank account and update the transaction details in the system. Child’s placement will only be confirmed after full payment has been verified.

3 Fee Structure

Fee Structure will be provided in the system. The registration fees in total range from RM1,000 to RM1,500 depending on the session selected (Morning session/ Morning & Afternoon session). All new registration includes 1 pair of uniform.

Note on Monthly fees:

The registration fees do not include January fees.

Monthly fees are to be paid before or by the 5th of every month. There will be a RM50 management fee for late payment after the 5th.

Monthly fees are to be paid in full from January to November, irrespective of your child’s attendance.

We are one of the few schools that do not collect December school fees. Children attending school in December will be subject to our school holiday programme fees.

The management reserves the right to change any of our Terms and Conditions from time to time.