1 Let Kids Be Kids

We give the children what they need the most at this age – the rights to PLAY!


Tadika Alif Ceria provides a non-academic learning environment where children’s opinions are appreciated and confidence is developed; creativity is nurtured, and imaginations are encouraged.

We let the children explore the world around them. We strongly believe that children, having inquisitive minds, learn best through playing. That is why our learning involves a lot of interactive and creative activities. Adopting an open classroom concept with dedicated learning centres for all learning areas, children get to develop their creativity, motor skills, as well as social skills.

Most importantly, Tadika Alif Ceria is where kids are allowed to be kids, where their RIGHTS TO PLAY are recognized and promoted!

2 Islamic Values

We uphold the principle that Islamic values can be applied in all areas and all stages of life.

We view children’s akhlaq as one of the most important traits to be developed at this early stage. Our unique approach is to integrate Islamic values across our entire curriculum. We uphold the principle that Islam can be applied in all areas and all stages of life. So, in all our learning areas, we will always relate to Allah the Almighty.

Upholding the Khalifah Method, we emphasize on the development of children to be successful Khalifah of Allah. The children are made aware of their responsibilities and are encouraged to do their parts to make the world a better place for everyone.

Read more about the Khalifah Method here: https://www.islamic-world.net/institute/index.php


3 Cleanliness and orderliness

We want our children to be healthy and disciplined individuals.


Cleanliness and orderliness is a huge and important priority at Tadika Alif Ceria. All our centres are maintained at a high-standard level of cleanliness and everybody in the kindergarten has a role to play to ensure cleanliness. Our children are taught the importance of cleanliness and order at an early stage for them to grow to be healthy and disciplined individuals.