We would like to convey our gratitude to all parents who have left kind and encouraging words for Alif Ceria. Here are some of the testimonials from satisfied parents about our kindergarten programme:


Two main positive reasons why I regard Alif Ceria as one of the best kindergartens around:
  • The visible and obvious dedication, care and love shown by the teachers towards the children. These are the qualities that are hard to describe in words. You have to experience it to believe and feel it by seeing how your child loves the days spent at Alif Ceria.
  • Their concept of “Let Kids be Kids” really suits me. I believe that at this age, social skills are the most important besides preparing them academically for school. Social skills are best developed by letting them play a lot with their friends!
All in all, I am very satisfied and happy sending Yusuf here. I make du’a that the teachers will be rewarded by Allah swt in abundance for EVERYTHING they did for the kids. Amin.
Pn. Fatimah Manap – Yusuf Fariss, 6yo

Nurturing environment, balanced syllabus, GREAT TEACHERS! Keep up the good work!
En. Redzuan Abdul Rahim & Pn. Azahanim Abdul Rafie – Azzahrah Rania, 5yo

Pendekatan yang menarik serta pelbagai, membuatkan anak-anak suka hadir ke sekolah.
En. Mohamad Bazli bin Abdullah – Muhammad Iman Mirza, 5 tahun

The learning method used by Alif Ceria has made our daughters, Unaisah & Umainah, improved a lot in their reading and writing skills. Their communication skills have also improved a lot. Through the activities such as archery and reading competition, Umainah has become more confident.
En. Mohd Yusri Yusop – Umainah, 5yo

Highly recommended to send your child here. Conducive learning and creative lesson by the experienced teachers.
En. Mohamad Nazaruddin Ismail – Mohamad Nazriel Hakim, 5yo

Alhamdulillah, for Allah has guided us to choose this blessed institution. By 3rd quarter of the year, my son has shown tremendous progress. He always asks if he can be of a help around the house. This clearly shows that the school instil good adab and act of kindness. He’s being wittier and always try to apply any knowledge that he learnt to his surroundings. He can read, slowly but surely, and even recites simple du’as and surahs. The teachers are always responsive and loving towards the children. My utmost respect to the teachers that have guided my son to achieve such progress. My personal gratitude to Teacher Wawa, Teacher Nora, Teacher Suzy and the rest of the team!
Pn. Lilia Nadra Hamzah – Iskandar Mir Zarif, 4yo

Thanks to Alif Ceria for:
  • Improving Nuh’s pronunciations
  • He now knows letters, colours dan vocabulary of many things
  • He can read Iqra’ very well
  • He can recite and memorise a few surahs and doas
  • He is more disciplined now
  • He has many friends, which makes him excited going to school
We will definitely choose Alif Ceria for Nuh’s little brother next year, InsyaAllah.
En. Mohd Syazwan Ariff bin Sulaiman – Nuh, 4yo

Alif Ceria offers good learning and teaching modules that follows KPM’s curriculum. I see positive changes and improvement on my daughter. At the age of 5, she can now read, practices solat and at the same time showing good manners. The best part is that she can recite many doas and surahs together with the meaning, which makes me very happy and proud.
Pn. Zaidatulhusna binti Mohd Isnani – Nurainaa Aqilah, 5yo

First of all, thank you to all teachers for making good efforts in educating and taking care of my son. As I remember, the first time I sent him to Alif Ceria, he still looked and acted like a baby, very dependable to others. But through the journey of almost one year with Alif Ceria, Alhamdulillah, he is now more independent and matured. He learned a lot about manners and always practices what he learned in school at home. Thank you again teachers.
Pn Yuslinda Mad Yusop – Muhammad Riyaz Rizqin, 4yo

Good environment for kids and nice teachers. They are also very particular in subjects taught at school.
Pn. Normalayati Abdul Aziz – Muhammad Harith, 6yo